Ankle & Foot Injuries

Ankle & Foot Injuries

Ankle & Foot Injuries services offered in The Fan, VCU, Richmond, VA

Ankle and foot injuries are among the most common sources of pain and dysfunction. At Richmond Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, podiatry specialists Weston Angermeier, DPM, and Rachel Hensley, DPM, feel your pain and offer ways to get rid of it. Use the provided scheduling link right now or call the Richmond, Virginia, office for prompt injury care.

Quick Facts About Ankle & Foot Injuries

Ankle and foot injuries can occur due to a variety of causes ranging from acute trauma or overuse to systemic problems such as diabetes or arthritis.

Common treatments for ankle and foot injuries may include immobilization, physical therapy, medication and surgery.

Early intervention is important in treating certain conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and stress fractures so that long-term complications can be avoided.

Ankle & Foot Injuries
Q & A

What are some of the most common ankle and foot injuries?

About 60% of ankle and foot injuries are either sprains (an overstretched or torn ligament) or strains (an overstretched or torn tendon or muscle). Other causes of foot and ankle injuries include:

  • Fractures
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Achilles tendon rupture (complete tear)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Dislocations

Sports training and competition, overuse, and accidents like tripping or falling are some of the most common causes of foot and ankle injuries.

What should I do for ankle and foot injuries?

If you suffer an ankle or foot injury, sit down immediately. Prop your foot up — above heart level is ideal — and apply an ice pack if you’re in pain or have severe swelling. As long as you don’t have any broken skin, you can apply a light compression bandage to help ease the pain and swelling.

Avoid walking or standing. If you have to move around, use a cane or walker to transfer your weight off your injured foot or ankle.

Some minor ankle and foot injuries, like the mildest of sprains, might get better without seeing your doctor. But if you have severe pain, swelling, bruising, or other troublesome symptoms, it’s time to call Richmond Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates.

How are ankle and foot injuries treated?

Richmond Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates usually treat foot and ankle injuries with the gentlest (nonsurgical) approach possible. Initial treatments typically include bracing or splinting, over-the-counter pain relievers, and physical therapy.

In most cases, you simply need the right medical approach to allow your body time to repair the damaged tissue from within. But, some situations will call for surgical repairs, like severely misaligned bone fractures.

Richmond Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates offers expert injury assessment and treatment planning. They’ll help you choose the approach that brings you back to full foot and ankle function.

You’ll also receive expert guidance on preventing injuries. Simple changes, like wearing custom orthotics (shoe inserts), can protect your foot and maintain the ideal position to prevent further injuries.

How long does it take for foot and ankle injuries to heal?

Recovery time depends on how severe your injury is, how it’s being treated, and how closely you follow your recovery plan. Milder injuries usually take only a few weeks to heal, while more severe ones can take a few months.

Richmond Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates offers prompt diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of foot and ankle injuries. Call the office now or click the provided link to schedule an appointment if you’re hurt.